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New video of class.  Sorry for the external linkage, but I’ve decided to leave the video on Facebook til I can teach the whole thing.  Just wanted to share some of the nastiness I witnessed in class today—I’ve never EVER seen some of these girls before, but they just beasted this choreography and I got excited to post up what I recorded.  Enjoy :)

Love the new direction you’re headed in Apes! 

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Artist: Zapp and Roger
Song: Slow and Easy

One of my favorite videos starts with a performance by Nam Hyun Joon to this song. I saw it years ago, but I listened to this song the other day and wanted to try something to it. Nam Hyun Joon is still the ish, but here’s another piece of interpretation to the JAM! 

Thanks to my friends from Canada and Singapore for dancing in this video with me:
Sarah Tumaliuan
Kristine Flores
Eliane Levinzon 
Claudine Liang

Dancing is fun ♥  Lately though, I’ve kinda been taking a break from the usual Hip Hop-Choreography classes I’ve been used to taking @ Debbie.  In the past few weeks, I’ve really grown an appreciation for some of the other classes offered at Debbie such as Dancehall, House, Breaking, Popping, Locking.  These classes focus less on learning choreography and more on drilling foundational moves and grooves.  Because of this, choreographing has been a little hard for me lately.  Choreographing for me takes a lot of patience.. and planning of movement… visually.  I don’t think every choreographer has that SAME mentality—some people are able to freestyle and just GO… but it’s always been strategic for me—like setting up blueprints… probably cuz I don’t freestyle much and I desperately need to change that.  Lately, because of these other classes I’ve been taking, when I hear music I just wanna MOVE.  It might be the same ol’ groove over and over again, but I just wanna move without having to think about what’s gonna come next.  I’m losing my patience to “choreograph” sequence of movements and plan it out, so it’s been a struggle to come out with new content and videos.  For that, I apologize and will work on my consistency to bring new videos to you.  Thanks to everyone for your support thus far :)  Thanks for tuning in.  Thanks for your encouragement.  I truly appreciate it and am motivated by your support.. or the criticism.. to do more. HaH! :)  Hope you enjoy!

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Uhm April shutting it down. Shout out to my homies from T.O. Sarah and Kristine!

This is why she’s one of my biggest inspirations.  Dancing. Period.

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